How To Use Plain Water To Lose Weight?

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How To Use Plain Water To Lose Weight?

Water is the biggest component in the body, and is one of the primary bases in the pattern of balanced nutrition. However, the water content in the body very easily reduced through sweat and urine disposal. As a result, there was an imbalance in the body and lead to barriers in weight loss efforts.

How Can We Use Plain Water To Lose Weight?

In General, the weight strongly influenced consumption patterns and how much calories obtained from daily consumption. The consumption of drinking water can help balance your intake and help control the appetite. Drinking water before meals is one of the effective strategies reduce the portion of the meal because it can make us eat fewer meals. Plain water can burn 400 calories.

Restricting calories is important in living a diet, but it is becoming very difficult, especially if you have overweight and obesity. In a study of individuals with more weight, meet the adequacy of drinking water can effectively reduce your appetite and reduce your calorie intake, so that someone who consumes water before eating had a 44% to experience weight loss. The study also shows a habit of drinking water before a meal will result in a weight loss of about 2 kg in a period of 12 weeks.

Just Plain Water Instead Of Other Beverages

Not only from foods, the calories come from sugar is also available in a variety of drinks which have a sweet taste. Custom drinks that have high sugar levels is one of the factors that trigger obesity. Choose mineral water as drinking water is the most healthy way because it does not contain additional sugar and reduce the likelihood of You drink other beverages that contain calories. An outcome research shows drinking habits in the long term to prevent weight gain at least 1.45 kg for a period of 4 years.

The Consumption Of White Water Speeds Up The Metabolic Processes

In addition to its usefulness in controlling caloric intake, consumption of drinking water also helps to burn fat by increasing your metabolism. Mechanisms that occur in this process known as the resting energy expenditure (REE) where a fixed body burn calories when the body was physical activity or while resting. Constant metabolism will greatly help in losing weight, especially when we don’t have much time for exercise.

A study of the effect of metabolism of drinking water consumption in healthy people showed, the consumption of drinking water by as much as 500 ml alone can increase the metabolism of 24% of normal conditions. Increased metabolism this can last approximately 60 minutes after ingestion of drinking water. A similar effect was also observed in a study of children who are obese, by adjusting the volume of consumption of drinking water 10 ml/kg may increase metabolism of 25% which lasts 40 minutes.

REE is most important in metabolism mechanism of weight loss attempts and this influenced the adequacy of water consumption. REE 60-70% role in burning calories per day, with an actively moving and standing time of activity will only add to the burning. Instead, slowing metabolism may inhibit the burning of calories. As a result a bit more body fat decreases even you might not be having a weight loss and will experience increasing the weight back.

Does Drinking Warm Water Is Better Than Cold Water?

In contrast to the belief in General that the drinking water that cold temperatures lead to obesity, the temperature did not hinder the benefits of water consumption in losing weight. Even the cold water consumption can even increase calorie burning. This is due to the cold water temperatures are adjusted to be warmer when it enters the body through the mechanism.

How Much We Should Drink Water To Lose Weight?

The consumption of drinking water is vital while undergoing a diet, because by reducing your calorie intake, the body also experience slowing metabolism. In General, the adequacy of drinking water daily is 8 glasses of 250 ml of drinking water per day, or the equivalent of 2 litres/day. However, the number of daily consumption less also still provides benefits in weight loss.

A research shows drinking water consumption habits about 1 liter/day helps burn 23 extra calories per day or approximately 17000 calories in one year, as well as lose weight by an average of 2 kg. With the amount of water consumption that is not much different, other research also showed a decrease in body mass index and abdominal circumference for 8 weeks. This shows that the consumption of drinking water can be beneficial in the short term weight loss and long term.

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