Tricks Apply Eyeliner to Make Eyes More Expressive

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Tricks Apply Eyeliner to Make Eyes More Expressive

BIETIKA.COM, Tricks Apply Eyeliner to Make Eyes More Expressive – Eyeliner is one of the first makeup tool that has enough important role for eye makeup. Because eyeliner can provide an interesting touch and can highlight the eye. There are several ways to use eyeliner that you need to pay attention to. There are several tricks to create a line of eyeliner that you can apply at home.

Eyeliner can make eyes look fresher when the eyes feel tired. Many women can not leave home without eyeliner. If you are one of them, definitely need to know about the following form of eyeliner.

1. Classic

This is done by drawing a thin line on the top of the eyelid right in your eyelashes. This type of eyeliner suitable for use in the daytime. Because of how to apply it quite easily, then you will quickly get the eye makeup look interesting.

2. Wings

Use a spoon to make a perfect wing mark on the eyelid. This method is quite good as well as easier for you who find it difficult to use liquid type eyeliner.

3. Smoky eyes

For smoky eyes, all it takes is a black pencil eyeliner. Try to apply to the entire eyelid and blend slowly. Usually eyeliner with the smoky eye model can also use black eyeshadow.

Easy Steps to Use Eyeliner

4. Nude Eyeliner

Nude eyeliner can make the eyes look more open without giving the impression is not natural as if you wear a white eyeliner. This method is quite telling to get the impression of expressive eye appearance.

5. Tightline

Tightlining is to apply eyeliner by simply making a black line on the eyelid and bottom eyelids. Then, the eyes will look more attractive by thickening the lashes using black mascara.

6. Drawing first

For those of you who are not accustomed to using liquid eyeliner, try to make a line using pencil eyeliner first. Then, fill in the results of lines that have been drawn using liquid eyeliner. This will make it easier for you to use eyeliner with a neater end result.

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