Tea Bag, Practical But Damaging To Body Health

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Tea Bag, Practical But Damaging To Body Health

Tea bag, practical, but damaging to body health –  Drinking tea in the morning to boost your spirits or in the afternoon to relax your body to feel good.

So, what kind of tea connoisseur? Do you like drinking tea or a brewed tea bag?

Reported by thehealthsite.com, drinking teabag can actually worsen health.

Tea bags are coated with epichlorohydrin, active carcinogens in hot air. If not coated materials, tea bags are now also made of plastic such as PVC and nylon is a food grade that can be damaged when splashed hot water, “said the study.

“In addition, many tea bags also contain pesticide residues that can harm the health of the body when not digested.”

Well, because tea bags can harm you, then every health expert recommends that you only drink tea brewed. It will also be healthier to choose which comes from the low organic pesticide content in it.

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