Leave The Pizza, Messi’s Fitness Secrets

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Who is not familiar with lionel Messi? Argentina football star and the world. His performances always charmingly in a dribble took him to score in the opponent.

In order to improve its performance in the field, football player this change in lifestyle and diet. With the help of his friend, fellow players, Martin Demichelis, Argentina Messi meet nutritionist origin Italy, Giuliano Poser.

The meeting agreed that are a routine visit Poser and got the recipe good nutrition. “After the World Cup, something has changed in him. Manchester United are aware of what needs to be changed. He had the humility to make changes in his professional career. Since January, he has seen grow strong, “said Poser.

As it turns out, one of the causes of the decrease in the appearance of due to his eating pizza. The Barcelona striker was also experiencing weight gain due to lifestyle and eating patterns that are less noticed.

For the sake of fixing performance, decided reduce consuming animal containing the menu. Well, since following the direction of Poser, in time relatively quickly, as evidenced by his appearance changed drastically. The rapid change of lackluster his physical fit throughout the game. “He changed the diets. Do not eat processed foods and replacing them with foods rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber contained in whole grains, fruits, vegetables, fish and olive oil, “explained Poser as quoted La Gazzetta dello Sport.

As it turns out, is not just Messi who became clients of Poser. Manchester City striker, Sergio Aguero, also implemented the recommended eating pattern Poser. “We (Aguero and Messi) underwent an examination of normal nutrition. It checks to see the condition of the body. He (Poser) recommends foods to enhance our physical. I am glad, because important pay attention to your body and know what I want, “explained Aguero.

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