How to Slow Down Aging in The Face

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Signs of aging on the face

How to Slow Down Aging in The Face – Signs of aging on the face are the enemy of all people, particularly for those who are very attentive to the appearance. Signs of aging appear not only because of the age factor, but also activities that You do every day.

If you are facing the aging signs appear on the face, do not worry, here are a few ways to slow the emergence of signs of aging.

Routine of drinking green tea

If you are still a hobby of drinking coffee, you should switch to green tea. The reason green tea offers many benefits for your skin. With its high antioxidant content, it can help stop the breakdown of collagen and elastin.

Green tea is the best defense against aging signs that start to appear on the face. You can also replace green tea with matcha powder mixed with sweet almond milk, then brewed with hot water.

Give attention to the face and neck

In addition to the age factor, gravity can also be a major cause of the emergence of signs of aging. Take part of the face and neck using skin care products that suit your skin type.

Better start taking care of facial and neck as early as possible, because of the nature of investment is skin care. Felt later in the day.

The repeated deployment of sunscreen without removing makeup

Sunscreen is one of the things that should not be missed as the Defense daily. Apply in the morning before you leave for break and remember to always repeat the deployment in a few hours later.

If you already use makeup, no need to bother to delete it first. Use face mist containing sunscreen can simplify your daily activities.

Using turmeric

Turmeric has benefits for relieving inflammation and improve blood circulation in order to protect the heart, brain, and skin. As it turns out, not only do you get to use turmeric to be cooked, but can also mix it up in your skin care routine to fight the signs of aging.

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