Neymar, Barcelona, PSG

Hedon Lifestyle, Reasons Neymar For Sale Barcelona?

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Neymar, Barcelona, PSG

Hedon Lifestyle, Reasons Neymar For Sale Barcelona? –Neymar, his name is increasingly known as a soccer star from Brazil. He managed to become one of the best players in the world while in Barcelona club.

Today, as you know, Neymar left the club that has raised his name, chose PSG (Paris Saint German), as well as being the player with the greatest transfer value in history. This of course not only makes soccer soccer sport, but also the world community.

Everyone wonders, what is the reason Neymar’s decision to leave Barcelona and choose PSG,. Diario, the Catalan boss, worries Neymar will follow in the footsteps of his senior, Ronaldinho.

Ronaldinho has ruined his own career because of his passion for partying off the pitch. This is why Barcelona finally agreed to sell the 25-year-old player with the original purchase price, about 168 million euros with negotiations up to 129 million Euros.

According to The Spanish Daily OK, there are only two clubs that have the ability to spend money in that amount, namely Paris Saint German and Manchester United. Not without reason, in this season, Neymar scored 19 times and gave 26 assists.

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