Get Rid of Hair Lice with These 5 Natural Ingredients

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Get Rid of Hair Lice with These 5 Natural Ingredients

Get Rid of Hair Lice with these 5 natural ingredients – Hair lice is a common problem faced by most small children even to adults. Fleas are small shaped and colored gray or brown it will stay in the hair. They live by sucking the blood of the scalp causing itching.

In addition, unfortunately this easy insect to spread even through brief contact. Therefore, they have to be eliminated before breeding and become severe.

Here’s an easy way in overcoming hair lice.

Coconut oil

Coat the hair with coconut oil and then brushing the hair is worn long way to remove head lice hair. Because coconut oil is able to make head lice caught and makes it easier to ‘capture ‘ them.

Essential oil

A number of essential oils such as tea tree, jojoba oil, and rosemary oils are able to be used to kill fleas. The trick is to apply the oil on the scalp and then cover the head with a shower cap and allow it to overnight. Comb the hair the next day to get rid of fleas.

Apple vinegar

Before and after shampooing, rinse your hair with vinegar. After that comb the hair to get rid of fleas.

Petroleum jelly

Petroleum jelly that has characteristics such as coconut oil is beneficial for getting rid of head lice in the hair.


Garlic is also a spice that is effective to repel fleas. Do I puree the garlic into a paste and then combine 3 tablespoons lime juice into it. Apply in the hair and then leaves. Once dry, comb the hair so that the lice out.

So, instead of using a chemical way, try to apply the above natural ways to eradicate fleas.

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