Five Tricks Comfortable Traveling with Your Toddler

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Five Tricks Comfortable Traveling with Your Toddler – Traveling by plane with a toddler does require extra patience for parents. Of course comfort toddlers become number one priority so it stays safe and does not interfere with other passengers. For that, use some trick this powerful in order to travel comfortably.

Before leaving

Prepare supplies and a variety of games that can be used during the trip. After passing the preliminary examination before check in, invite Your Toddler to spend its energy by way of playing and let her body move. In this way, it is hoped a toddler can sleep during the flight takes place.

Passing the examination

When passing through airport checks, be sure the entire electronics and toys are already split in a special bag. So when the checks are not too bothered because carrying a toddler.

Eat and use the toilet

Before setting out in the waiting room, make sure Your Toddler to eat and use the toilet. Avoid using the toilet on the plane, because the shape is different to that in the House. Because of fear of toddlers are unfamiliar and crying along the way.

When taking off

When already logged in on the plane, the sound of the engine that toned and air pressure difference can make a toddler is not comfortable. A lollipop can help dispense air in the ear, and make sure they sit down in a comfortable position so it could be asleep slumbering.

While in the air

Show me the beautiful landscape by putting toddlers on the side Windows of the plane, to distract them. In addition, give the same atmosphere when towards the bed, like drinking milk and recited the story so they fall asleep sleep during the trip.

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