Danger! Do not Hold Urine Too Old

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Danger! Do not Hold Urine Too Old

Danger! Do not Hold Urine Too Old – Holding urine for too long can be a deadly impact on health. Urine, which is characterized by the process of urinary expenditure is natural and common. The process of urination indicates that the digestive system in the body works well and normally.

All the dirt and residual digestion is finished filtered and cleaned the body will come out through the urine. Given the importance of the function of urination, then this obligation must be completed and never arrested.

Because it should not hold water, throw it in a very long time and often. Because this will be very dangerous for the health of the body. Then what’s wrong?

Here’s the explanation.

1. Your bladder can be held only gradually into just.

The bladder can only hold about two glasses of water (16 ounces). For a child only four ounces. Think of your muscles as a bladder because, that’s how it is. When your bladder is overworked, it can affect other things, one of them with your pelvic floor.

2. Your brain will not know it’s time for you to urinate.

The more the bladder widens, the brain may lose its ability to know when it is time to urinate. Important messages that are sent to the bladder to the brain when it’s time to urinate may escape the attention.

3. You can actually pee in your pants.

It would be embarrassing and it could be the worst case scenario. Because your bladder becomes more full, then chances are you will not get to the bathroom on time.

This is more likely to occur in small children and the elderly, but that does not mean it can not happen to you as well.

4. You may get a urinary tract infection.

About half of all women have urinary tract infections, at least once in their lives. This infection occurs because the bacteria have successfully entered the urinary tract, which then causes symptoms such as burning, need frequent urination and pelvic pain.

5. Bacteria can cause other problems.

Different side effects may include further infection, fever, pain, cramps and more. This will obviously be a domino effect

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