5 Unusual Sex Positions

Consider 5 Unusual Sex Positions You Hear, Immediately Trying

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5 Unusual Sex Positions

Consider 5 Unusual Sex Positions You Hear, Immediately Trying – EXPLORING sex positions and getting out of the comfort zone is the thing a couple needs to do to add an intimate spice partner. The missionary position is fun, but there’s no harm in trying other creative positions. Therefore, know some sex positions increase your partner’s passion. You can try ‘X position’ or criss-cross.

Gender variations also need to be done to make household life more colorful. The satisfaction gained from intercourse with a partner will have a positive impact on the life of a harmonious couple.

The intimacy of this sex position will make you achieve sexual satisfaction. However, there are other sex positions that you may rarely hear. You can try it with your partner. Consider 5 Unusual Sex Positions You Hear.


This position offers a lot of intimacy and deep penetration. You can also easily whisper a naughty or an affectionate sentence to a couple’s ear.

Ask the male partner to sit cross-legged on a flat spot. After that the woman sat on it with her legs wide open. Women are required to be active in the process of penetration, after penetration done the circumference of both legs on the back and waist men.

In the sex position of men and women this can not be fast in doing the movement. Because it must be more patient. Another variation of the lotus position is by placing the woman’s foot in the bed, then the sensation of penis entry will feel deeper and the couple can hug her tightly.

Styles of doggie

Take a standing position facing the wall. Slightly bend your body forward with both hands clinging to the wall. Have the couple stand right behind you. Instantly, the couple can directly connect the ultimate weapon from behind you.
As the game progresses, ask your partner to direct both hands to your breasts. Your next task is to spoil Mr. P by playing Kegel movement while penetrating Miss V.

In addition to offering deep penetration, this position can train the flexibility of a woman’s body.

5 Unusual Sex Positions

Dirty Laundry

This sex position is considered erotic. Penetration offered is also deeper.

Three-legged dog

This position tests the ability in balance because it is finished standing. You can also try leaning against the wall to get a firm grip.

Making love while standing on two legs, seems normal. To provide a hotter sensation, you can do it by asking your partner to support one of your legs. Try a three legged dog-footed position, guaranteed this way to be your favorite position.


This position offers a lot of eye contact as well as intimacy. You can both stay in touch.

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