Avoid Eating Bananas When Pregnant Girls Want?

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Before preparing for pregnancy, some couples sometimes crave a child with gender specific acupuncture points. If s has a boy, you and your mate perhaps wants a pregnant girls or vice versa.

There are many ways that it deems could determine the sex of the baby inside the womb, one of them with a specific acupuncture point of food consumed. Banana liquid foods that are believed to affect it. But is it a banana if you want to avoid the tagline pregnant girls?

Literally, the possibility of having boys and girls in the same magnitude. One mother’s X chromosome will be paired with one’s father’s chromosomes. No, it was here that the determination of the case. If a given chromosome father is X, then the women will be conceived. But when on chromosome Y is given, then the mother will give birth to a boy.

Determining the sex of the baby is actually there in the (sperm) men. But the carrier which chromosome sperm will fertilize the egg successfully is also influenced by the condition of the vagina at the time of dealing.

However, the 2008 study found discussing the relationship between consumption of potassium-sodium with him and gave birth to a boy. The research conducted at the University of Oxford and the University of Exeter, while the equally in the United Kingdom. The study did a survey of 740 women pregnant by observing their eating habits.

The research found that pregnant women who consume a lot of sodium and potassium have a tendency gave birth to a baby boy. One banana fruit contains approximately 422 mg potassium that is able to meet the daily needs of about 13 percent of the body. Another study conducted at the University Maastrich, the Netherlands, also shows the relationship of mother’s diet with the possibility of the baby’s gender.

Mothers who eat low sodium foods (including salt) and high in calcium, have higher chances to conceive baby girl. However, its current status is not encouraging pregnant women to diet or certain acupuncture food bananas are extreme. This can endanger the health of the mother and the baby.

Pregnant women need balanced nutrients so that baby inside the womb can grow with optimum. Don’t be a Fund just because it wants a baby boy, only pregnant women eat bananas without additional nutrients from other foods


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