9 Tips To Slim Down Ala Women of China

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9 Tips To Slim Down Ala Women of China

9 Tips To Slim Down Ala Women of China – Chicken noodles, noodles meatballs, fried noodles, and his friends are the origin of the Chinese food is popular in parts of the world. The food was considered fast make fat because fat content and high carbohydrates.

In fact, many Chinese women have this slim bodied. Of course they do not always eat noodles. According to the expert Chinese food from the United Kingdom, Lorraine Clissol, how to eat Chinese nation is healthy, really, in addition to helping fight the disease and prolong the age.

In his book Why the Chinese Don’t Count Calories, he said that the Chinese-style diet that will not make us fat. The number of overweight is increasing in China precisely due to the transition to the Western food diet, which tend to be excessive sugar and fat.

Here’s the secret to healthy diet Chinese according two Patrick Holford and Ian Marber, nutritional expert from the United Kingdom:

9 Tips To Slim Down Ala Women of China

1. Stop Counting Calories

Chinese people do not have a vocabulary of calories. They looked at food as a source of nutrition, not harmful substances that raise the weight. A survey in 1990 found that the Chinese are consuming calories 30 percent higher than the American people.

They are also no more physically active than Americans. His key is on abstinence food that does not contain the nutrients, but are rich in sugar. For example, there are on candy and carbonated drinks. Eat avocado that are rich in unsaturated fats and omega-6 are certainly better than fizzy drinks.

2. Half A Plate Consists Of Vegetables

Vegetables are always present in Chinese food. “Vegetables have to fill half a plate at mealtime, this is exactly the same as a Chinese diet,” Harford said.

9 Tips To Slim Down Ala Women of China

3. Eat Fibrous Rice

Without low fat fiber, rich in B vitamins, and fiber, Clissold says, it’s unlikely we can eat to the brim. Low carbohydrate diet is promising fat burning.

However, replacing carbohydrates with foods containing high fat and lower nutritious vegetables is not the answer to long-term weight loss.

4. Eat to Full

One key to staying slim is to eat well enough and then stop. While the pattern of westerners is dieting tight during the week and partying on the weekend.

The Chinese eat well three times a day. Chinese food is a diet rich in fiber, vegetables and consists of protein and carbohydrates. Eat quite full. You will not be tempted to eat another meal after that.

5. Yin and Yang in The Kitchen

The balance Yin and Yang can also be found in the kitchen. Yin foods cool the body. Yin foods are in the vegetable and fruit. While foods such as meat, seasonings, wine, and coffee to its heat up the body. Food in a set Chinese food there is a balance of yin and yang.

“Most of the food with protein content is yang, while the carbohydrates is yin. A Combination of both help stabilizes blood sugar. This is the key to getting energy and reduce the risk of gaining weight, “said Harford.

6. Quick-Cooked

Chinese food is always cooked quickly. Clissold said, food that’s quickly cooked make nutrients more easily absorbed by the body. Raw food, the more so if too much, rather difficult to digest the body, can even cause flatulence.

7. Use Food for Health

The traditional Chinese medicine using food to treat diseases, such as chili peppers to aid digestion and garlic to neutralize toxins. It aims to have all organs working properly make energy aka chi flow smoothly throughout the body.

8. Drink Green Tea

Green tea is beneficial to eliminate toxins, digestives, and delay hunger. In addition, green tea also combats free radicals that can cause cancer and heart disease.

“Traditionally Chinese people save the tea leaves to be used again. This is great because it contains less caffeine, “said Halford.

9 Tips To Slim Down Ala Women of China

9. Do Restorative Sport

sports sweat hard indeed burn fat but also gives great stress on the body. Sport the kind of heat that this includes the body, while sporting a breath is yin. Try gentle exercise like tai chi. “Tai chi gave a sense of balance, calm, and peaceful. Sweating in the gym is indeed the opposite of tai chi, “says Marber. However, by doing so we breath so much cared about what we feel compared to the matter on the outward appearance alone.

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