7 Reasons to Eat Yogurt Every Day

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7 Reasons to Eat Yogurt Every Day

7 Reasons to Eat Yogurt Every Day – Unflavored yogurt is the right choice if you want to enjoy a healthy snack. At least, there are seven reasons why you should eat yogurt every day, as reported by Care2.

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     1. If you take antibiotics, yogurt is safe to eat and helps the body protect the good bacteria that are usually killed by drugs.

     2. Yogurt keeps you away from fungal infection problems.

     3. In addition to delicious, yogurt is a healthy snack rich in protein.

     4. Yogurt is easily digested and makes the digestive system more smoothly.

     5. Protein, vitamins, and other nutrients in yogurt is a good immune system enhancer.

     6. Flatulence? Overcome with yogurt. In addition, eating yogurt also relieves pain and discomfort in the stomach    when experiencing diarrhea or constipation.

     7. If this one, you do not need to eat yogurt. Because yogurt can be used as a mask to make skin look more damp and shine.

If you want to sprinkle on yogurt, you should choose fresh fruits and avoid sweets or other less healthy sweet foods

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