6 Ways to Burn Calories After Eating A Lot

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6 Ways to Burn Calories After Eating A Lot

6 Ways to Burn Calories After Eating A Lot – Do you have a hobby to eat much, but fear of excess body weight? No need to worry, you can apply the 6 ways to burn calories after a meal of many here.

The desire to eat a lot of it feels difficult to avoid, especially when you see a chocolate cake, ice cream, and other delicious foods that really tempt the tongue. But after eating a lot, sometimes we are often overwhelmed with guilt, especially when while dieting. But you don’t feel guilty. It turns out that there are ways to burn calories after eating a lot.

What are the ways to burn calories after a meal much?

1. Up and down stairs

While at the shopping mall or at the Office, try to use the stairs rather than using an elevator. Braga 15 minutes climbing stairs can burn as many as 140 calories, or the equivalent of half a portion of your lunch bowls of rice.

2. Run

Don’t underestimate running. Because, although only ran approximately 5-7 minutes you can burn about 100 calories. In fact, if You ran in the sand like on the beach, you can increase the amount of calories you burn by 50 calories.

3. Jump Rope

The jump rope is not just for children. Jump rope can be one of the shortcut you burn a lot of calories. In 30 seconds You jump rope, you can burn as many as 340 calories. If you do not have a strap, you can do the jumping movement over and over again. However, be sure to keep your body upright so that the injury does not occur.

4. Gardening

Do not hastily ask someone for help or Your gardener to plucked weeds growing on your home page. Try to do it yourself. Because, by picking off the grass alone for 10 minutes, you can burn up to 100 calories. Other bonuses you will get when doing this on its own is cost saving, and the garden in your home will be more beautiful and well maintained.

5. Swim

Swimming is one sport that requires you to move the entire muscle in your body. Swim for 15 minutes can burn up to 100 calories. However, this depends on the movements of swimming you do.

6. Dancing

Moving and dancing while you follow the music certainly is really fun. Dancing for 30 minutes can burn as many as 220 calories. The key is to select the song with a fast tempo and rhythm, such as Latin or Disco songs.

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