6 Ingredients At Home, This Potent Reduce Toothache

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6 Ingredients At Home, This Potent Reduce Toothache
6 Ingredients At Home, This Potent Reduce Toothache

Toothache for days, sometimes felt unbearable. If this is the case, surely it is necessary immediately to visit the dentist.

But if that day your dentist practice schedule no central, there are some home-based materials that could relieve toothache.

Starting from gargle with salt water to ice, compress the following five ways to reduce pain toothache home made.

1. Gargle Salt Water

One of the best things while waiting for the dentist’s practice schedule is berkumur-kumur with salt water. The recommended mix is half a teaspoon of salt with 30 ml of water.

2. Ice Compress On The Cheek

Red and swollen gums that are accompanied by fever can be a sign of the presence of serious infection at the root of the tooth. Before going to a doctor, try the ice compress already wrapped a cloth and then paste into a swollen area to relieve pain.

3. Hold The Ice

Take a block of small ice cubes, then hold using the thumb and index finger on the same side of the body with the location of the tooth that hurts. For example the right of gum pain, hold the ice using the thumb and forefinger of the right hand. Hold while rub-rub it in the section between thumb and index finger until it somewhat feels numb. According to scientists in this way were able to interfere with pain signals to the brain.

4. Brush The Clove Oil

This is one of the natural remedies to alleviate toothache. The trick, take a cotton or a cotton bud, and then apply to the part of the tooth that hurts. Although afterwards feels more comfortable, do not forget to keep checked himself to the dentist.

5. Chew Garlic

One again, you can chew the garlic to reduce pain. Alisin compounds able to reduce toothache.

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