41 Percent of Women Having an Affair With His Friend

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41 percent of women having an affair with his friend

41 percent of women having an affair with his friend – A new survey from Superdrug unravel interesting facts a matter of screwing. As it turns out, most of the women having an affair with his friend. “Almost half of the women (41%) had an affair with his friend,” said the survey, as reported by the Daily Star, Saturday (17/6/2017).

According to a survey of 2,000 people in Europe and America, the main reason women are having is because they rarely got the attention of his partner. In addition to friends, 33% of women having an affair with a colleague (co-workers), someone they have met at the Association (17.5%) and someone who they meet in the bar (12.4%).

Only 4.9% women who is screwing with my dating through phone application. And some of the respondents said that they were not having an affair in “physical” but they intensely connected through words.

A quarter of women (27.8%) claims to be very close to another person and 18.7% says just friends. More than 16% of women admitted to kissing someone else and 3.7% have sex but did not confess to having an affair.

Regardless of the fact, 97% of men consider physical contact and words as having an affair. Ironically, of 60.4% of women do not want to admit their infidelity. Only 28, (% who said on her partner and 10.7% get caught having an affair.

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