3 Positions of Sex That Can Restore Spouse Passion

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3 Positions of Sex That Can Restore Spouse Passion

3 Positions of Sex that Can Restore Spouse Passion – A sex orientation that simply reaches orgasm sometimes makes you lose intimacy. Here are three sex positions that will bring you both back to intimacy.


The missionary sex position is one of the most romantic sex positions. Mutual face to face and look from heart to heart will give a deep impression.

Woman on top

Women love this position because they can control the speed, angle and depth of penetration. This position also offers direct stimulation of the clitoris and vagina so as to maximize the potential for orgasm.


Through sex spooning position, you can both hug tightly. Although this sex position does not allow eye contact, but still offers a profound closeness. Couples can stimulate sensitivity points, such as breast and clitoris.

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