12 Simple Make Up Tricks For The Slacker

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Easy make Up Tips


12 Simple Make Up Tricks For The Slacker – Do you know why makeup activities are so time consuming? This must be very difficult for you who do not have a lot of time or laziness.

Do not worry, here are some makeup tricks for you lazy to apply makeup. Curious?

1. Hides eye bags

You do not get enough sleep at night? Use highlights with a lighter color than your actual skin color at the bottom of the eye fold, then apply a darker color in between. This serves to reduce swelling.

2. Exfoliate the lips

If time is really not much, focus on the lips. Use lip gloss to make lips more shiny. In addition, lip exfoliation will help lipstick last longer.

3. How to apply eyeliner

How to apply the best eyeliner is straight between the eyelashes and the inside of the eye. This will make your eyes look more natural.

4. Eyelashes

If you do not have time to use mascara, do not forget to curl the lashes, because it will give the same effect. Eyelash curler should be heated first for three to five seconds, so that the eyelashes more tapering and last longer.

5. Hides acne blemishes

Do not apply the concealer directly on acne blemishes. Use a thin brush and put a little concealer on top, apply just above the stains of acne that you want to hide as one of the makeup tips.

6. Hide the makeup mistakes

If you mistakenly apply lipstick or eyeliner, use a little concealer and blend in the wrong place.

7. Moisturize the skin

Finding a moisturizer that suits your skin type? Do not use too much, let your skin breathe normally as it does with a moisturizer.

8. Using a lip balm

If you are not a person who likes to use lipstick, try using a colored lip balm. Colored lip balm will make the lips as well groomed, as well as not looking pale.

Easy make Up Tips

9. Using eyeliner

The perfect winged eyeliner can be done using a spoon as a template. Press the sunken side on the part of your eyelid to create a wing angle.

10. Make smoky eye fast

As a beginner, you can also make makeup smoky eye. The hashtag image is angled at the outer corner of the eyelid with an older color than your eye shadow color, blend, and finish.

11. Using dry shampoo

Change the habit of using dry shampoo in the morning, before the move. Use dry shampoo at night before bed, believe me, this way will make your hair volume and reduce the oil in the morning.

12. Conduct french manicure briefly

For a perfect line when performing a french manicure, tie a rubber band around your finger and leave the end. Paint with white color on the top, after dry, remove the rubber band, and clean the rest of the nail polish that is messy, finished.

So, makeup is no longer an obstacle for you the slacker or unaccustomed to waking up in the morning and leaving plenty of time, is not it? Good luck!

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